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Razorwire Energy 12 x 4 blister packs POS box

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Razorwire Energy is an alternative to energy drinks because it is a capsule filled with caffeine, green tea and B vitamins to name a few ingredients to create energy. Due to it being in capsule form, it takes less shelf space and doesn't need to be put in the fridge. We feel it would be a great impulse purchase, and as we all know, everyone is starting to move away from sugary drinks. It comes in 2 formats the first is a clip strip of 12 individual packs with 4 capsules to hang anywhere, taking up no shelf space. The second a box of 12 individual packs with 4 capsules for a POS display.

ALL ingredients are FSA approved and it is manufactured in an ISO9001/BRC/MHRA approved facility.

Razorwire Energy USP

  • NOT sickly sweet
  • NOT bulky
  • Calorie free
  • Sugar free
  • FOUR individual sources of caffeine to avoid a crash effect
  • NO need to refrigerate (saves electricity)
  • DOES NOT get hot and sticky to consume or handle
  • GREAT for putting in purse/wallet/glove box/pocket or in fact anywhere
  • CREATES FOCUS for gym workouts, driving, studying and more
  • CONVENIENCE of anytime, anywhere energy
  • 3 year shelf life (from date of manufacture)
  • HALAL approved
  • SUITABLE for Vegetarians
  • STAY-FRESH capsules individually sealed on blister pack
  • HUGE SAVING ON SHELF/STORAGE SPACE with 1 x 4 capsule blister pack = to 5.6 cans 250ml energy drink, making 1 box/clip strip of 12 x 4 capsule blister pack the equivalent of 2.8 slabs of 250ml energy drink.

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